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Deep down inside we all want to do well financially and achieve financial independence. The very fact that you are reading this blog is because something inside of you resonates with the title. You don't want to be broke. Being broke is not fun.

If you can hold on to the end of this short blog I'll tell you the number one reason why financially successful and secure people achieved their success, and it's not luck.

3 Reasons Why You'll Always Be Broke:

1. You'd rather look wealthy than be wealthy. If that's the case you will go broke trying to keep up the appearance. It's a house of cards and it's only a matter of time.

2. You can't control your behaviour. Buy high and sell low. Got to have the new car. Constantly tapping into your savings for another "emergency". Save a nickel to spend a quarter. The average Canadian family spends 168% of what they earn. Out of control debt to feed this frenzy of buying the stuff you don't have any time to enjoy. Buying stuff to put your stuff in. Paying for a storage locker for all of your stuff. Working and going into debt to buy more stuff, because stuff will make you feel important and look like you got it going on. Stuff will somehow bring you happiness. This is all bad behaviour.

3. You have no plan. You do not know how much you make and you have no idea where it goes. You don't know your mortgage interest rate or the terms. You have no idea of how much your new car loan really is. You know nothing about your personal finances. No plan. You earn it and you spend it. You may be doing well at the moment, but it's only a matter of a major setback and you will be underwater. Job loss. Illness. Injury. An accident. Wipeout.

So, why is it successful people succeed. They take action. They do not leave their health or their wealth to chance. They create a written plan and they take action. Money can't buy you happiness, but one thing is for sure, not having any can result in a lifetime of misery.

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Latest Testimonial

My wife and I realized a long time ago the value of a financial planner over just a bank representative. We just felt like a number to the banks as every year it seemed we saw a different adviser with a different view. But finding a trusted, knowledgeable and personable financial planner took a lot of time and effort. It just seemed, so many large corporate Financial Planners were more concerned about what they could make off of us rather than what they could make for us.
What we wanted, was not just reasonable returns now, but good personal advice in our preparation for retirement and what happens when retirement actually arrives. We wanted someone who would be walking with us, guiding us on our way to retirement.
From the first time, we found the web site for Langford Financial Inc, we could see the knowledge of Willis and Nancy and a real effort to educate and pass on their knowledge through seminars, workshops and their personal service. Once I reached out through their web site for more information, Willis was quick to respond, offering and giving whatever information I was looking for and never was there pressure to commit to anything.
The feeling of comfort and ease when talking with Willis was inviting enough for us to want to meet with Willis and Nancy, just to see firsthand if there was a connection and what working with them would look like.
And when we did meet for the first time, that feeling of comfort and ease was very evident. It was a unique experience for us to be able to sit down and get to know a financial planner (or a team of both Willis and Nancy) and not have any sales pressure on us. Just getting to know Willis and Nancy was important for us. We needed to be comfortable with them and see their competence in the business, and it was obvious that Willis and Nancy wanted to know us better so they could know how best to help us.
Once we decided to move our accounts over to Langford Financial, we found their process was comforting and refreshing as Willis and Nancy first worked at evaluating our complete situation. They dug down to get a complete picture of where we were at, where we wanted to be and how to get there. This took some reflection on our part but once we saw how they put it all together in our “Financial House In Order” binder, we were confident we made the right decision to go with Langford Financial.
Since the time we started working with Willis and Nancy I have attended many of their seminars and can say the information they have been teaching has been amazing. Always relevant, and consistent with their desire to help those coming up to retirement, and covering so many different situations as everyone has a different life situation. I know more than one of the tax-saving strategies they taught at their seminars will work for my wife and I, so we are very happy about that.
We would definitely recommend Langford Financial, not just for all your retirement planning needs, but they have great ideas on savings for your grandchildren too!
Paul and Elaine Radder

Paul & Elaine Radder
Long-term Clients

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