For Business Owners: 50 Reasons Why People Buy

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We buy for myriad of reasons. Here's a list of 50:

We make decisions for these and many other reasons:

To make more money – even though it can’t buy happiness
To become more comfortable – even if it's just a bit more
To attract praise – because almost everybody loves it
To increase enjoyment – of life, of business, of virtually anything
To possess things of beauty – because they nourish the soul
To avoid criticism – which nobody wants
To make their work easier – a constant need for too many people 
To speed up their work – because people know time is precious
To keep up with the Joneses – there are Joneses and everyone’s life
To feel opulent – a rare, but valid reason to make a purchase
To look younger – due to the reverence placed upon youthfulness
To become more efficient – because efficiency saves time
To buy friendship - I didn't know it's for sale, but it often is
To avoid effort – because nobody loves to work too hard
To escape or avoid pain – which is an easy path to making a sale
To protect their possessions – because they worked hard to get them
To be in style – because a few people enjoy being out of style
To avoid trouble – because trouble is never a joy
To access opportunities – because they open the door to good things
To express love – one of the noblest reasons to make any purchase
To be entertained – because entertainment is usually fun
To be organized – because order makes our lives simpler
To feel safe – because security is a basic human need
To conserve energy – their own, or the planet’s, sources of energy
To be accepted – because that means security as well as love
To save time – because they know time is more valuable than money
To become fit and healthy – seems to me that's an easy sale
To attract the opposite sex – never underestimate the power of love
To protect their family – tapping into another basic human need
To emulate others – because the world is teeming with the role models
To protect their reputation – because they worked hard to build it
To feel superior – which is why status symbols are sought after
To be trendy – because they know their friends will notice
To be excited – because people need excitement in a humdrum life
To communicate better – because they want to be understood
To preserve the environment – giving rise to cause related-marketing
To satisfy an impulse – a basic reason behind a multitude of purchases
To save money – the most important reason for 14% of the population
To be cleaner – because unclean often goes with unhealthy and unloved
To be popular – because inclusion beats exclusion every time
To gratify curiosity – which killed the cat but motivates the sale
To satisfy their appetite – because hunger is not a good thing
To be individual – because all of us are, and some of us need assurance
To escape stress – need I explain?
To gain convenience – because simplicity makes life easier
To be informed – because it's no joy being perceived as ignorant
To give to others – another way to nourish your soul
To feel younger – because that equates with vitality and energy
To pursue a hobby - because all work and no play…
To leave a legacy – because that's a way to live forever


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