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No one wants to be a burden to someone else, especially their children. It happens everyday, a family is standing around at the funeral home trying to decide on a casket or a cremation. A simple burial, a reception, a minister. Flowers, burial plot or an urn. Then the big lurking question that everyone has: How will we pay for it all? The one sibling that will probably contribute the least will want to spend the most. The oldest child knows they'll be the one on the hook for the costs, so he or she feels they should have the final say. The end result is a lot of hurt feelings.

The focus is no longer on your memory, but on the logistics of funeral arrangements. 

The problem is, without making some specific plans and a way to pay for it, leaves your family in an awkward place having to decide what you would have wanted and having to figure out how to pay for it all. The end result, more often than not, is family upheaval, fighting, and disharmony that may never be resolved.

That's one reason to consider having some basic life insurance to cover final expenses, debts and/or to leave a lump sum to loved ones.

Blood tests, doctor's reports, urine samples, nurses prodding and poking can seem very intrusive. Then there's the insult of finding out you've been denied.

There's an easier way now  - with NO MEDICAL life insurance. If you are between 18-75 you can qualify for up to $500,000 in coverage. You can also qualify for $5000 - $25000 of coverage with GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE. If you currently have some term insurance you should see if you can convert it to a permanent smaller policy before it expires.

Here are some recent quotes:

  • 61 Year old male non-smoker - $5000 policy - $22.52/month. Smoker - $30.56/month
  • 68 Year old female non-smoker - $25000 policy - $89.33/month

What guarantees exist under this plan of insurance?

  • The coverage amount will never decrease during the life of the policy.
  • Premiums are guaranteed not to change for the life of the policy.
  • Policies accumulate guaranteed cash values beginning in the fifth policy year. You may use these cash values to pay premiums for as long as there are sufficient cash values. If you choose to cancel your policy, any remaining cash value will be paid to the policy owner.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded – all policies include a 10 Day Free Look Guarantee that gives you 10 days from the date you receive your policy to review it and decide if it is right for you. If you decide to return your policy in that 10 days, your premium will be refunded, no questions asked.

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My wife and I realized a long time ago the value of a financial planner over just a bank representative. We just felt like a number to the banks as every year it seemed we saw a different adviser with a different view. But finding a trusted, knowledgeable and personable financial planner took a lot of time and effort. It just seemed, so many large corporate Financial Planners were more concerned about what they could make off of us rather than what they could make for us.
What we wanted, was not just reasonable returns now, but good personal advice in our preparation for retirement and what happens when retirement actually arrives. We wanted someone who would be walking with us, guiding us on our way to retirement.
From the first time, we found the web site for Langford Financial Inc, we could see the knowledge of Willis and Nancy and a real effort to educate and pass on their knowledge through seminars, workshops and their personal service. Once I reached out through their web site for more information, Willis was quick to respond, offering and giving whatever information I was looking for and never was there pressure to commit to anything.
The feeling of comfort and ease when talking with Willis was inviting enough for us to want to meet with Willis and Nancy, just to see firsthand if there was a connection and what working with them would look like.
And when we did meet for the first time, that feeling of comfort and ease was very evident. It was a unique experience for us to be able to sit down and get to know a financial planner (or a team of both Willis and Nancy) and not have any sales pressure on us. Just getting to know Willis and Nancy was important for us. We needed to be comfortable with them and see their competence in the business, and it was obvious that Willis and Nancy wanted to know us better so they could know how best to help us.
Once we decided to move our accounts over to Langford Financial, we found their process was comforting and refreshing as Willis and Nancy first worked at evaluating our complete situation. They dug down to get a complete picture of where we were at, where we wanted to be and how to get there. This took some reflection on our part but once we saw how they put it all together in our “Financial House In Order” binder, we were confident we made the right decision to go with Langford Financial.
Since the time we started working with Willis and Nancy I have attended many of their seminars and can say the information they have been teaching has been amazing. Always relevant, and consistent with their desire to help those coming up to retirement, and covering so many different situations as everyone has a different life situation. I know more than one of the tax-saving strategies they taught at their seminars will work for my wife and I, so we are very happy about that.
We would definitely recommend Langford Financial, not just for all your retirement planning needs, but they have great ideas on savings for your grandchildren too!
Paul and Elaine Radder

Paul & Elaine Radder
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