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Our process with clients who are either in or near retirement:

Perhaps you have done well growing your savings with the help of an advisor over the years, but you are not confident that he or she has the expertise or willingness to put together a comprehensive retirement income plan for you.


"55% of pre-retirees will change advisors when they transition to retirement"


This is the stage of life when you need to consolidate your investments with one advisor that specializes in building a portfolio that can produce the retirement income you'll need in the most tax-efficient manner. You've worked hard all your life and saved as much as possible to get to this point so it is imperative that you seek out the right advisor to help you create your unique retirement income & investment plan to avoid costly mistakes.

Tax-efficient income with the proper withdrawal strategies and strategic timing is by far the best way to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money out of CRA's hands and that you do not outlive your savings. Because we are independent investment brokers we have access to 15 different financial firms in Canada to bring the best investment solutions to our clients. 

There are no out of pocket charges as we are compensated by the money managers we use in the form of a trailer. (Currently  .85% of the assets under management)

There's more left in your pocket & that's what matters most.

Some of Our Retirement Income Strategies:

  • The exact timing of government benefits like CPP & OAS
  • The effective use of cashable annuities to protect income for your entire life
  • Sharing of pension credits
  • Avoiding the OAS clawback and age-specific and means-tested benefits
  • RRSP meltdown strategy
  • Spousal RRSPs and other income splitting strategies
  • Age 65 tax credits
  • The proper use of non-registered assets with capital gains
  • How to get $2000 of tax-free income from your RRSP each year from age 65-71
  • Dividend strategies
  • Taking advantage of lower tax brackets
  • Spousal tax rollover opportunities
  • Insure against the erosion of investment capital because of health care needs later in life
  • Passing on your estate in the most tax-efficient manner

We are a private family practice. We work with nearly retired and newly retired couples & individuals to manage a portfolio of investments that will generate a life-long income in the most tax-efficient manner and ensure you have less market volatility and no concern of running out of money.


Step 1

Introductory Call: Book an introductory call to see if and how we can help you. If we determine that we can, then we will book a first meeting to gain an understanding of your goals, objectives and collect some financial information and to give you an overview of our process. 


Step 2 

Initial Meeting Agenda:

  • Financial and lifestyle goals 
  • Inventory of financial assets
  • Assessment of risks unique to you 
  • Investment platforms we use
  • A decision to move forward
  • Letter of Engagement to formalize our working relationship


Step 3 

Complete your written retirement income plan with specific projections

  • Present a written retirement income plan for implementation
  • Open new accounts with us and complete transfers
  • Specific strategies to create tax-efficient income
  • A layered cash flow plan with multi-year projections using additional tax saving strategies
  • Income & Investment structure for the next 12 months
  • Coordinating with any other professionals like banker, lawyer, accountant, mortgage broker 


Step 4

Continual Progress Updates and Refining

Every year we will meet at least annually for the purpose of review and refinement. Our ideal clients are individuals and couples with $200,000 or more of savings and want to work with an advisor to create a plan to reach their goals and objectives. We have investments that produce guaranteed income protection for life and several other options depending on your needs.

Each year following we will regularly review:

  • Estate planning considerations
  • Alternate investment strategies
  • Managed portfolio options
  • Using leverage 
  • Advanced investment/income strategies
  • Tax-sheltering and tax efficiencies
  • Diversification strategies and proper asset allocation


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