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Perhaps you have done well growing your savings by yourself or with the help of an advisor over the years, but you are not confident that you or your advisor have the expertise or willingness to put together a comprehensive retirement income plan that brings all of the pieces together. We are committed to providing you with expert advice and planning; regardless of your level of wealth, so that you can retire with confidence.


Our "Planning First" Philosophy

This is the stage of life when you need to meet with an expert who specializes in retirement INCOME planning to build a plan that will produce the retirement income you need and do so in the most tax-efficient and sustainable manner. You've worked hard all your life and saved as much as possible to get to this point so it is imperative that you avoid costly mistakes. There's a lot more to it than just setting up a portfolio of investments and heading down south.

Creating tax-efficient income with the proper withdrawal strategies and strategic timing is the only way to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket and that you do not outlive your savings. 


There's more left in your pocket & that's what matters most.

We have identified more than 20 unique strategies that Canadian retirees can implement to increase their retirement income by thousands of dollars each year. The majority of retirees miss these opportunities either by not knowing or by making uninformed decisions on their own. Making a small investment of time and money for a comprehensive retirement income plan at the beginning of your retirement can make a huge difference in how much money you will have in retirement and in the level of peace of mind you will have each day. If all we did was find an additional $100 per month for you this would add up to an extra $30,000 of income over a 25-year retirement, but in most cases, our planning is saving retirees far more than this. 

Step 1

Introductory Meeting: Using the link below you may book yourself into our calendar for your first meeting. After picking your date you will complete a brief questionnaire. Once finished, you will receive an appointment confirmation email which includes a list of documents to bring with you to our meeting. The agenda for this meeting includes a discussion about what is important to you about money, an understanding of your goals, objectives and a review of your financial documents.  At the meeting, you will learn how we will help you retire with confidence and how much your unique plan will cost. There is a one time fee for the plan starting at $750 - it may be higher, depending on the level of complexity and time required to create it. The cost will be determined and fixed by the end of the meeting and will cover a 30-day engagement.

Step 2 

Plan creation and strategy recommendations. We will take the information that you have given us and analyze it to create a retirement income plan for you that will answer your questions, offer recommendations, outlay the strategies for creating more income, ways to save money on fees and taxes, and other unique opportunities available to you. We'll provide various retirement projections showing if you have enough money to retire, how much you can realistically spend in retirement and when you should start your government pensions, what your portfolio asset mix should be, the rate of return you need, and your risk of running out of money. 

Step 3

At our second meeting, we will present your plan and review it together to ensure that you understand it completely and that all of your questions are answered. Each of the unique strategies will be explained for clarity. You will have your plan in printed form to take home with you and there will be an invoice for the plan. There is an optional third meeting available at the end of the 30-day engagement to answer any additional questions/concerns you may have. This meeting can be done over the phone/facetime or in person.

If you would like to implement any part of your plan with us, we can discuss that as well, as we do offer other financial services (insurance, health benefits plan, or our unique retirement income asset allocation strategy) to those who want more help with managing any part of their retirement. It is our promise that you will never feel obligated or pressured to do that.

We do not do "free" or "complimentary" consultations, which are basically a waste of everyone's time. If you are unsure of what you need, simply call us and we can determine in 10 minutes if we can help you or not. If we can help you we will proceed with an appointment where we will provide full value for whatever it is you need help with - wether that is a plan, answers to your specific questions or you want a full-time planner. It's a worthwhile investment of $250 to meet with us because the advice you will receive will save you $1000s by avoiding mistakes and will give you the confidence to make good financial choices.

The key to a worry-free retirement is having a strategic income plan created specifically for you.

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Retirement Income & Investment Planners,

Willis & Nancy Langford



We are a private independent practice and we specialize in providing affordable retirement income planning for all Canadians. DO NOT RETIRE until you meet with us and allow us to create an affordable retirement income plan that is specific for you. You will run out of money and you will pay too much in taxes and you will lose out on investment growth because of too much stock market risk. All of this can be avoided with a small investment of time and money before you retire.


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