Retirement Transition Assessment

Retirement Readiness Assessment, Calgary

Do you want to be rich or do you want to have an absolute, positive guarantee that you'll never be poor? 

There is a high probability that you'll live into your 90's and you will have to draw an income from your portfolio for a long time. In these uncertain times, that is the most important information you will get your hands on. Your portfolio can very quickly dwindle away if it isn't properly managed. This is not the time for buying penny stocks. You need income guarantees. Before retirement, you had a couple sources of income, but as you move into the decumulation years, you now have to deal with CPP, OAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs, work pensions, investments, insurance, etc.

  • The purpose of the assessment is to see if you are on track with your retirement goals
  • We can help you understand how CPP & OAS pension benefits work
  • We can help you calculate the amount of income you can expect to have in retirement
  • Estimate how long your money will last
  • Protect your assets from taxes and excessive fees
  • We'll outline some steps you need to take to get on track and to stay on track

The people we help best:

    •    You have several sources of income and investible assets like RRSPs, TFSAs, LIRAs.

    •    You are ready to transition into your desired retirement lifestyle soon.

    •    You are not confident with your current financial plan.

    •    You're looking for clarity on your future so that you can stop worrying about it.

    •    You need to generate sustainable cash flow to ensure you do not outlive your money.

Our process involves the completion of a form that you will complete prior to your appointment. There will also be a list of documents for you to bring with you. At our 1 hour session, we will complete a financial summary and provide you with a 2 page assessment which helps you understand what you require to fund your ideal retirement lifestyle, what your current probability of success is and some action steps you can follow to improve your retirement success.

Cost: $249.00 plus GST (new pricing)

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