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Wouldn't it be nice to know that you are in control of your finances

and that you have a plan in place to retire on your terms?


It's all about understanding your Values and Goals  & Creating and Implementing a Quality Retirement Plan with Continued Progress Updates to stay on track. Our planning is designed for clients age 55+ with at least $250,000 in household investable assets and looking to retire in the next few years.


Step 1

Introductory Call. Book a 15-minute call so that we can get to know each other and see if our values align and if we are a good fit for you. If we determine that we are a fit we will then book a complimentary first meeting to gather information and prepare your plan.

First Meeting Agenda:

  • Clarity around values and goals
  • Review of personal and financial information
  • Simplifying finances with a 1 Page Financial Summary
  • Budgeting for retirement
  • What a Written Quality Retirement Plan is and how it can ensure success in reaching your goals
  • Letter of engagement outlining our process and how we are compensated

Step 2 

Second Meeting Agenda:

  • Review of preliminary plan outline
  • Risk assessment 
  • Review Will and estate objectives
  • Proper beneficiary designations
  • Investment philosophy and risk profile
  • Getting the most from government benefits
  • Paperwork to open accounts 

Step 3

Cash Flow Analysis and Tax Planning

Third Meeting Agenda

  • Present a written retirement income plan 
  • Create a cash flow analysis and tax saving strategies
  • Coordinating with other professionals

Step 4

Continual Progress Updates and Refining

Every year following we will meet at least annually for the purpose of review and refinement. We work with a limited number of ideal clients so that we can help you achieve your financial and life goals in a timely fashion.

In year 2 and following we will also consider:

  • Estate planning considerations
  • Alternate investment strategies
  • Managed portfolio options
  • Using leverage 
  • Advanced investment strategies
  • Tax-sheltering and tax efficiencies
  • Diversification strategies and proper asset allocation

Ready to get started? If you meet the above requirements the first meeting is complimentary.

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