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Just search the web and you will find some horror stories about travel insurance. If you're traveling outside of Canada in the next little while make sure you understand what you have for Travel Insurance. Here's a couple of tips:


1.) Check your coverage. If you are depending on the coverage through your Credit Card or group plan at work read the fine print. There are limitations to this coverage, especially with the maximum days per trip you will be covered.

2.) Make sure you have the Travel Card with you or the policy number along with the 1-800 number so that you can call your provider as soon as you may need medical help. Most providers of Travel Insurance will limit your coverage if you do not call them within 24-48 hours of a claim. 

3.) If you are applying for Travel Insurance for a single trip or buying a multi-trip plan make sure you are covered for the actual days you will be away. And, answer the questions honestly and accurately. 


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4.) Don't travel without Emergency Travel Insurance - the costs of medical care outside of Canada is costly. Buying this insurance is a safer route to go and it will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your trip. I know of 2 people in the past few months who have made claims while in the US and the Manulife insurance covered them.


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