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The main reason we got into this business was to help people retire with more money. We strongly believe that the reason people make so many mistakes with their money is that they are ill-informed from financial salespeople who are mainly interested in making a fast commission and do not take the time to understand a client's entire financial situation. The loser is the consumer and we want to help as many Canadians as possible retire with confidence and we are committed to a planning first philosophy and to providing affordable, expert and objective advice to everyone - regardless of their level of wealth. Our fees are reasonable and you will never be pressured to buy anything.

If you would like to receive expert financial planning without any sales pressure: 

Option 1: Retirement Transition Plan

If you are planning to retire within 5 years or less, there are numerous decisions that you will have to make and having a detailed plan helps you make these decisions by answering questions like: 

  • When is the best time for me to take CPP & OAS?
  • What other government benefits may I be able to qualify for?
  • Should I start with my RRSP first or start with CPP & OAS?
  • When and how do I convert my RRSP to a RRIF?
  • How much money can I expect to have in retirement?
  • How can I reduce my taxes?
  • How can I be sure I won’t run out of money?
  • What are suitable investments for me at this stage in my life?

At the end of our first meeting together, I will have enough information to run specific retirement projections based on your situation and I will give you an exact price at that time based on the complexity of your circumstances. Most plans run between $450 - $600, however, it may be higher depending on your needs and level of complexity.

We have been helping all kinds of retirees with our plans and have been saving them $1000s in taxes and finding $1000s in extra income they would have otherwise missed. Book a 1-hour session to get started.

Option 2: Severance Package Advice

If you have been given notice that your employment is being terminated and you have been given a severance package to decide on we can review your documents and provide advice on the best way to deal with your lump sum payment. There are tax-consequences and several options for you to choose from. These decisions are different for each person and you will want to avoid expensive mistakes. A fee of $150 + GST for the first meeting. Book here. for a 15-minute call first.

Option 3: Comprehensive Financial Planning

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, you would just like to have a plan that you can follow that will ensure you reach your goals or desired retirement date. You have specific goals that you would like to achieve and you are prepared to make the sacrifices to achieve those goals. You want to be debt-free, have education savings for your children, buy a business, travel, invest in real estate and save for retirement. The cost of comprehensive planning will be a little different for each person, based on the level of complexity. It would be best to contact me directly so that I can give you a more detailed price. The starting price is $150/hour + GST. It is best to book a 15-minute call first so that I can discuss your planning needs with you and determine the next steps. Book Here.

If you are nearly retired or newly retired and you have many questions and would like to talk to us to discuss your retirement income planning needs and options you can book a 15-minute phone call and we will discuss your unique situation and determine how we can best help you. Don't retire until you talk with us and get an expert analysis of your situation so that you can avoid costly mistakes. Book a 15-minute call now! 

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