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Retirement Income Planning, Calgary

Retirees with less than $500,000

Do you want to have an absolute, positive guarantee that you'll never be poor?   If you have less than $500,000 of retirement savings there is no room for error in managing your portfolio and you have to avoid costly mistakes like being overexposed to stock market volatility. Depending on your income needs and the sources of income you have, you will need as much income protection as possible.   More of your income has to be annuitized. The research is conclusive: Retirees with guaranteed lifetime income are happier and experience a greater degree of retirement satisfaction…

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Retirement Income and Investment Advisors, Calgary

Retirees With $500,000 - $1,000,000

Most Canadians going into retirement have no plan. They have a hodgepodge assortment of investments and a foggy idea of how to put it all together. The majority of financial advisors at the big firms only take clients with large accounts of over $1,000,000 and mainly focus on investments that are 100% exposed to the stock markets. No one knows what the future holds or how the markets are going to perform in the next 20 years.   With close to a $1million of assets, you have more options and can create a comfortable retirement lifestyle with flexibility built in. Your plan base needs to…

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Quality Retirement Planning, Calgary

Our Process

OUR PROCESS   Our process with clients who are either in or near retirement and have $1,000,000 or less in savings. Perhaps you have done well growing your savings with the help of an advisor over the years, but you are not confident that he or she has the expertise or willingness to put together a comprehensive income plan.   "55% of pre-retirees will change advisors when they transition to retirement"   This is the stage of life when you need to consolidate your investments with one advisor that specializes in building a portfolio that can produce the retirement…

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Travel Insurance, Calgary

Resources for Clients

Just search the web and you will find some horror stories about travel insurance. If you're traveling outside of Canada in the next little while make sure you understand what you have for Travel Insurance. Here's a couple of tips:   1. ) Check your coverage.  If you are depending on the coverage through your Credit Card or group plan at work read the fine print. There are limitations to this coverage, especially with the maximum days per trip you will be covered. 2. ) Make sure you have the Travel Card with you or the policy number along with the 1-800 number so that you…

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