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Quality Retirement Planning, Calgary

Your Retirement Income Plan

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you are in control of your finances and that you have a plan in place to retire on your terms?   It's all about understanding your Values and Goals  & Creating and Implementing a Quality Retirement Plan with Continued Progress Updates to stay on track. Our planning is designed for clients age 59+ with at least $300,000 in household investable assets and looking to retire in the next few years.   Step 1 Introductory Call. Book a 15-minute call so that we can get to know each other and see if our values align and if we are a good…

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Retirement Readiness Assessment, Calgary

Your $149 Retirement Readiness Assessment

Do you want to be rich or do you want to have an absolute, positive guarantee that you'll never be poor?   There is a high probability that you'll live into your 90's and you will have to draw an income from your portfolio for a long time.  In these uncertain times, that is the most important information you will get your hands on.  Your portfolio can very quickly dwindle away if it isn't properly managed.  This is not the time for buying penny stocks. You need income guarantees. Before retirement, you had a couple sources of income, but as you move into the decumulation…

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Retirement Income Planning, Calgary

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Do you want to have an absolute, positive guarantee that you'll never be poor?   The research is conclusive: Retirees with guaranteed lifetime income are happier and experience a greater degree of retirement satisfaction because they are not worried about outliving their money. Check out: Annuities & Retirement Happiness   How we HELP you Create Guaranteed, Predictable & Tax-efficient Lifetime Income: Ensure that you are getting everything you are entitled to from CPP & OAS pension benefits Create additional sources of Guaranteed Income from your…

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Retirement Income Assessment, Calgary

Our Planning Process

Wouldn't It Be Nice to Know What a Written Quality Retirement Plan looks like or How Much Money You Need to Fund Your Retirement Lifestyle & Be Confident That You Won't Run Out of Money? If you're like most people you want to know: How much money do I need in order to retire? How do I pay less in taxes? How do I take income from my investments, while preserving the capital? How much money will I get in Government Pensions (CPP & OAS)? How do I know for sure I'm getting everything I'm entitled to? How much guaranteed income will I have, and can I create,…

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My Worry-Free Ideal Retirement Lifestyle Plan

Our Services and Fees

 Here's a List of the Financial Services we Provide: Retirement Income Planning for any age Life insurance strategies Real mortgage insurance Helping you decide when it's best to take CPP & OAS Generating income from your investments Creating Guaranteed Lifetime Retirement Income  Income Replacement & Final Expenses Insurance Tax-Saving Strategies Cashflow Planning Estate Planning Free Services: Dollars & Sense Newsletter - Subscribe Here Monthly Retirement Planning Workshops - More Details Here Retirement Income Plans:  A detailed…

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Travel Insurance, Calgary

Travel Insurance

Just search the web and you will find some horror stories about travel insurance. If you're traveling outside of Canada in the next little while make sure you understand what you have for Travel Insurance. Here's a couple of tips:   1. ) Check your coverage.  If you are depending on the coverage through your Credit Card or group plan at work read the fine print. There are limitations to this coverage, especially with the maximum days per trip you will be covered. 2. ) Make sure you have the Travel Card with you or the policy number along with the 1-800 number so that you…

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