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Fee-only Retirement Income Planning, Calgary

Fee-Only Retirement Income Planning

***We are open for business as usual and doing our meetings  at the office or online via Facetime/Zoom***   Our mission is to help our clients get their total financial house in order and retire    more confidently with purpose & peace of mind We work with those who are 55+ and are preparing to transition into retirement. We specialize in deaccumulation strategies so you can draw down from your nest egg in the most tax-efficient way and ensure you have consistent income for the duration of your life.   Your customized plan will show you:  How to structure…

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Retirement Income and Investment Advisors, Calgary

Full Service Planning With Investment Management

***We are open for business as usual and are conducting our meetings in the office or online via FaceTime/Zoom***   This service is for you if you are over age 55 and have at least $500,000 of retirement savings. If you prefer a "hands-off" approach with your investment portfolio and would rather work with a professional then this service is for you. You may have a hodgepodge assortment of investments spread around without any idea of how to put it together into an actual plan and you want to create a comfortable retirement lifestyle with flexibility built-in. We will show you…

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Our Process

***We are open for business and doing our meetings at the office or online  via Facetime/Zoom***     OUR PROCESS   Our "Planning First" Philosophy This is the stage of life when you need to meet with an expert who specializes in retirement INCOME planning to build a plan that will produce the retirement income you need and do so in the most tax-efficient and sustainable manner. You've worked hard all your life and saved as much as possible to get to this point so it is imperative that you know you are making good choices about your money.   Here's what to…

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Retirement Income Planning, Calgary

A Simple Retirement Plan Using Annuities

Would you like a simple retirement income plan with no more investment decisions or stock market worries? The research is conclusive: Retirees with guaranteed lifetime income are happier and experience a greater degree of retirement satisfaction because they are not worried about outliving their money. During retirement, you have to de-risk your portfolio and reduce the market exposure of your investments so that you can ensure you do not run out of money. There are all kinds of annuities available, however, you probably have never heard of most of them. For example, Cashable…

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Travel Insurance, Calgary

Resources for Clients

Just search the web and you will find some horror stories about travel insurance. If you're traveling outside of Canada in the next little while make sure you understand what you have for Travel Insurance. Here's a couple of tips:   1. ) Check your coverage.  If you are depending on the coverage through your Credit Card or group plan at work read the fine print. There are limitations to this coverage, especially with the maximum days per trip you will be covered. 2. ) Make sure you have the Travel Card with you or the policy number along with the 1-800 number so that you…

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Retirement Income Projections, Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs 1. Where's your office? We are located at 300, 1210 8th Street SW, Calgary, AB Street parking is available all around our office for a fee. There are some free 2 hour spots along 13th Ave. 2. How long are the meetings? Most meetings are for 1 hour. A plan presentation meeting is 1. 5 hours 3. What are our fees? We determine the cost of our planning service based on the level of complexity. The base price is $1000 for a 30-day engagement, which will include up to 3 meetings plus your plan. Your exact fee will be set and agreed upon at the end of…

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