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Are you a financially successful individual over age 55


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 retirement and not run out later?


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Your successful retirement transition is built on the foundation of an unbiased Retirement Income Plan from an independently Certified Financial Planning professional.

As you move into retirement, your confidence level needs to be a 10, with your total financial house in order, goals mapped out, and a solid plan to enjoy your ideal lifestyle so that regardless of what happens in the world, the economy, or the markets, you know you're going to be ok.

It is important to start working on your retirement income plan 1-2 years before your retirement date because tax-saving strategies often need to be implemented in advance of retirement. Do not wait until it is too late to take advantage of many unique opportunities. 


Our curated planning process will tell you exactly how much income you will have in retirement, when and where to take it from in the most tax-efficient manner, and the kind of investment structure you should have now that you entering the decumulation phase. Once these items are properly set up, you can spend confidently in early retirement without worrying about running out later on. 

(Curated: "carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented" ~ Webster's)


Creating Your Retirement Roadmap

This first part of the process is about determining where you want to go.

The only way to have the future you desire, rather than the one that will happen by default, is to create it. 

What's important to you? What do you value? What are your goals in retirement?

Imagine living a fulfilling life in which you are achieving your goals and living life according to your most deeply held values.


Get Your Financial House in Order

Our unbiased and independent planning process will help you make smart choices and get your financial house in order. At the end of this process you will know:

  • The Sustainable level of income you can spend in early retirement and not run out later. (Spending strategy)
  • A structure for your investment portfolio to create simple, dependable, consistent and guaranteed income sources throughout retirement to combat volatility. (Investment structure)
  • Amount of savings you should have in reserves. (Cash-wedge strategy)
  • How to draw income from your various sources in the most tax-efficient manner. (Tax-saving strategy)
  • How to Coordinate your Stock options, RSUs, Retirement Allowances, Retained Earnings, and Corporate Dividends with all your other income sources like RRSPs, LIRAs, TFSAs, non-registered accts, CPP, OAS, etc. (Income strategy)
  • The kinds of insurance you need like travel, personal health & dental coverage, life, home & auto, and final expenses. (Risk management strategy)
  • How to set up your estate to smoothly transition your life's savings to your loved ones quickly and easily in order to maintain family harmony. (Estate tax & Probate minimization strategies)

These are more than 20 strategies we use in the creation of your plan. ​There are many time-sensitive opportunities that the average retiree will miss, costing time and money, when not implemented at the right stage before and during retirement. You don't know what you don't know but that's ok, we do! The plan is to help you get your total financial house in order before you retire.

We take the worry off your mind to ensure you retire with confidence knowing you have the best roadmap in place so that you can... 

Transition Into Your Ideal Lifestyle

If this sounds like the kind of plan that you want, here's how to get started...

Meeting #1: At this meeting, we will start by laying out your financial roadmap. We'll discuss what is important to you about money - clarifying your values, prioritizing your goals, and creating a picture of your ideal retirement lifestyle. We will review your financial documents to benchmark your current financial reality and determine how having a retirement income plan will help you turn your retirement lifestyle dreams into reality.

There is no cost for this first meeting and at the end of this meeting, we will determine the scope of your planning, how we can help, and what the cost of your plan will be. If you would like to hire us to create your plan we will all sign a letter of engagement. We do not provide any advice until after we have completed a thorough analysis of your situation via the process of your comprehensive retirement income plan. 

Our flat fees depend on the complexity and will be determined at the end of meeting #1. The fees range from $2000-$4000 for singles and $3000-$7000+ for couples depending on complexity.  (Complexities include: multiple rental properties, a corporation or holding company, business activities, RSUs, PSUs, stock options, retirement arrangements, DB pension analysis, multiple companies and investment holdings, limited partnerships, blended families, investments or citizenship in countries outside Canada, etc.)

> There is NO minimum net worth or portfolio size required to access this service.

> This planning process covers a 2-month time frame and 3 or more meetings.

> Meeting #1 is for you if you are sincerely interested in exploring what a retirement income plan can do for you.


Sound good? Schedule an Appointment in our calendar (link below). You will then proceed through the online questionnaire. Your appointment confirmation email will include a list of documents to bring with you to your first meeting. If you are married, both spouses are required to attend. If you are under the age of 55, click here to book. Or read on to find out more about what happens in Meetings #2 & #3...


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Meeting #2: Two weeks after your initial meeting will be the second meeting where we present the first draft of your retirement income plan with all of the detailed strategies and recommendations for getting your total financial house in order.

  • All of your questions will be answered.
  • You'll know what your sustainable income will be in retirement.
  • When and how much income to take from your various sources.
  • How much taxes you will pay, or not pay, due to the strategic planning outlined specifically in your plan.
  • The required structure and asset allocation of your portfolio.
  • The required rates of return to make your plan succeed. 
  • Any possible need for insurance strategies.
  • How much you can expect to leave to your heirs.
  • And, all of the recommended and customized steps for implementing your plan are laid out in detail.
  • You will have an action list of items to be completed and in what priority.


Meeting #3: is held 2-3 weeks after your plan presentation. This gives you time to review your plan and consider the scenarios that will work for you.  It also gives you time to write down any additional questions you didn't think of in Meeting #2. In Meeting #3, we may make adjustments to your plan, answer additional questions, look at alternative scenarios, provide a final draft of your plan, and ensure you have clarity on our recommendations for implementation.  We want to ensure you are equipped to take action because it is in taking action that you will get results that will lead you to your ideal lifestyle.

> Your comprehensive plan and related documents will be presented consisting of 5 sections covering income, investments, tax, insurance, and estate planning.

> There will be a detailed explanation for each key area and a checklist of action items and priorities about your scenario.  

Check out this comprehensive checklist of questions your retirement plan will answer. 


So...the initial planning engagement covers up to 60 days for your meetings. Then what happens?

By the time we get to this point in the process, you will be educated and empowered to make informed decisions regarding every aspect of your retirement roadmap and income plan. At this juncture, many clients realize the value and importance of having regular access to the strategic and ongoing planning we provide to our "All-Inclusive" Clients.

If you have the required minimum of investible assets (see our "All-Inclusive" Client info by clicking below), you can delegate the responsibility of implementing your plan to us. You may continue a relationship with us for full-service investment management and retirement income and tax planning on an ongoing basis. Once your assets have been transferred in you will receive a reimbursement of any transfer fees incurred.

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