4 Steps To Getting Your Financial House in Order

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Why do you think Tiger Woods became one of the greatest golfers of our time? Why is Warren Buffett considered the world's best investor? Luck?

It is possible to learn how to be a great investor and money manager, in the same way that anyone can learn how to be a Plumber, an Electrician or a Dentist. Anyone can learn how to do anything and learn how to do it well.

"Successful people focus on what they do well and they do it to the highest level. 

They hire someone else to do the rest".

Very few of us can learn how to do many things really well. All of us can learn to one thing really well.

Why not focus on doing that one thing with perfection rather than everything mediocre?

When it comes to finances most of us think, "I got this". How hard can it be to spend money? Your right. It's not very hard to spend money. It easily grows little wings and flies away and where it goes, no one knows.

There's more to it than just spending it. You have to earn it. Keep more of it. Invest it. Save for a rainy day. Save for the future. Save for the kid's education. Leave an inheritance. Then there's budgeting and cash flow management. Property taxes. Income taxes. Sales taxes. Bank fees. Credit cards. Oh, the list goes on and on.

Get Your Financial House in Order, one step at a time.

In what order do you take those steps?

1.) Gather all of your financially related documents into a bag or a box. Take a few days or a few weeks and keep adding to the box. 

2.) Separate the documents into his and hers. Insurance (Home & Auto, Life, Disability, Group). Investments. Banking. Credit Cards. Notice of Assessments. Will. Mortgage Statements.

3.) What's Missing? Go find it or have it replaced.

4.) Review it all and see what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown out.

5.) Get expert help. If this seems too overwhelming then just bring the bag or box to us and we'll sort it all out for you and organize it and provide you with a one page summary. 

You'll benefit in 3 ways:

  • You'll know what you need to keep and what to discard
  • You'll have clarity about your finances
  • You'll have greater peace of mind

A report from the Investment Funds Institute of Canada highlights that, on average, investors who work with financial advisors have nearly three times the net worth and four times the investable assets of those who do not.

We offer a service to help you get your financial house in order. Bring in your important documents and we will organize them for you.


We believe that a quality retirement plan will inspire you to wake each morning with a purpose

and provide you with enough money to sleep well at night.


We help our clients create sustainable, predictable, and tax-efficient cash flow for retirement, to ensure they do not overspend and run out of money; or underspend and die the richest people in the graveyard.

Want to retire soon? Learn more about our services and book an appointment.


Retirement Income, Investment, & Tax Planners,

Willis J Langford CFP

Nancy Langford CRS

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Latest Testimonial

If you are nearing retirement, newly retired, or well into that stage of life and need some honest, reliable financial advice and tax planning services, I highly recommend Willis and Nancy Langford at Langford Financial. I have been working with them since the fall of 2020 and am really happy I made the switch.

I needed much better advice than I was getting from my new bank rep as I was actively preparing for retirement. I found Langford Financial online and booked a review meeting. I was happy that I was sent a complete list of all the information that would be needed prior to my initial meeting so I arrived prepared.

From that initial meeting, I decided to have Willis prepare a retirement plan for me. After we reviewed everything he had prepared, I felt much more confident in what was to come financially during retirement and how I could manage it. That's when I decided to transfer my investment portfolio from my bank to Langford Financial so they could manage it with and for me. I felt they really had my best interests at heart.

It was a pleasant surprise that their approach combined both income planning for retirement and tax planning for both the immediate future and well into retirement. This has proven to be very helpful as it has ended up saving me a lot of money (a lot!) by using credits that had been missed by the company I previously used to prepare my taxes.

I really like working with Willis and Nancy. They are very quick to answer any questions I have and can accommodate virtual or in-person meetings based on what is needed. They also produce a regular newsletter that I really enjoy. It has lots of tips in it and some very good in-depth information that helps me make better decisions---or at least ask better questions!

Moving to Langford Financial was a great decision for me. It has lead to better financial planning and decision-making and much greater peace of mind for me at this time of life.
Sharon Stroick
Full Service Client Since 2020

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