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I often think about this story from Daryl Diamond. Imagine you are going on a 2-week all-inclusive vacation. But, this time, you are going to do it all differently. You are actually going to splurge and do all the extra little things. Rent the Seadoos. Go on some excursions. Take the jungle tour. Go to town. You're gonna spend some money.

Then you whisper to your spouse. "Let's take it easy on the first week and get used to the place and then the second week we'll do all of those things. At the beginning of the second week, it rains for 3 days and then one of you gets sick for the last 4 days and you go home without doing anything. 

Sad, and it happens all of the time, especially with retirement planning, retirees think they have lots of time and they put off enjoying retirement too long and they spend their days in doctor's offices and hospital lineups.

See, you can't buy more time. Once it's gone, it's gone. The time spent with our family. The special occasions. The trips. You can't relive these opportunities.

Retirement is a long time, but you need a combination of these key ingredients to make the most of it:

Money - In fact, money will determine the scope of your retirement lifestyle. Your ability to achieve many of your retirement dreams and goals will be based on how much money you have.

Health - Without your health, nothing else matters. Money can help with better treatments, but you will be limited in realizing your goals and dreams. 

Time - You can have great health and lots of money, but if you won't pull the trigger and go for it - well, you are actually wasting away your health and your money. Don't die with a full bank account, but an empty and unfulfilled retirement. Remember - you can't buy back time.

A Plan - You would not set out on a trip without a plan, a map, or a direction. We can't help you with your health or time, but we can help you create a plan - it's what we do, and we can ensure you don't run out of money. Call us and set up a time when we can sit down and discuss your individual plan. We have all kinds of strategies that we can implement together to help ensure your best possible retirement outcome.

We have...

  • Portfolios to reduce volatility (Here's one company we work with - Watch the Video)
  • Investments that can produce a steady income
  • Investments with guaranteed monthly income
  • Tax-efficient income
  • Tax saving strategies that will add $1000's to your lifestyle
  • Accountability
  • You always deal with us to help you decide the right steps

The last ingredient that is like the icing on the cake is PURPOSE. Knowing you have enough money helps you go to sleep at night, but having a reason to get up in the morning gives you purpose. If you have both, consider yourself blessed. 

If you would rather spend your time in retirement out enjoying life instead of worrying about money, then Book a meeting in our calendar below and we will help you get clarity around your retirement goals and dreams. 


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I contacted Langford Financial to see if they could help me with specific questions on retirement & estate planning, efficient tax strategies, CPP and OAS benefits, and income drawdown strategies. I was very nervous at first about whether they would be a good fit for my needs, but my concerns were quickly put to rest and Willis and his team made me feel at ease right from the very first meeting.

They are very easy to work with, are very knowledgeable and resourceful, are able to break down complex matters into an easy-to-understand manner, and are always quick to respond to any questions. They reviewed my situation and were able to tailor a plan to fit my specific needs, to my complete satisfaction.

The plan included amongst other things, the best way to utilize efficient income tax strategies. helped me to understand the correct drawdown of assets which would result in larger savings, and provided guidance on insurance products and efficient estate planning.

As a result, I have a much clearer picture of my financial situation now and feel very confident and satisfied with the plan that they have proposed for me, going forward. What I appreciated the most about Willis and his team was that, in addition to their friendly, personable and professional approach, at no time was there ever any pressure to purchase any products.

I am very happy with the service I received from Willis and his team and would recommend Langford Financial to anyone looking for advice on their retirement planning needs. You will not be disappointed!

Naila Jinnah

Naila Jinnah
Fee-Only Planning Client

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