Where To Find A Good Job For Your Retirement

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Where can you find a job?

Some retired people want to work because they like having something to do each week. Some want to do a job completely different than what they did during their careers. Some want to contribute in a way that's meaningful. And, some people need a few extra dollars to create some cushion in their budget and receive some of the pressure on their portfolio. Whatever your reasons, finding the right fit are important.

The good news is that right now, there are literally thousands of unfilled positions in virtually every sector.

First of all, you want to make sure the job is the right fit for you and that you can make the job work around your life, rather than trying to make your life work around the job. That will become drudgery. What are some of these opportunities and how can you get started? 

The gig economy. This is becoming a huge trend. With the advance of online everything, people are now able to do all kinds of businesses online, as long as they have a laptop and WiFi.

Temp agencies or placement agencies. Many employers are choosing to use outside agencies to fill both permanent and temporary positions. There are many companies that provide this service and here in Calgary, you can work with
Randstad, or About Staffing.

One of our clients, Susan, spent most of her career doing this and really enjoyed it. What she liked was the flexibility. If she wanted to take a month or two off to go travelling she could. Sometimes she took a placement for a week and sometimes she stayed at a job for a year or more. She said the way to get started is to book an interview with 2 or 3 different providers and go through the onboarding process where they will have you complete some testing to see what would be a good fit for you. Once you are set up, you are ready to take on some placements.

Consulting. Many of our clients take on part-time consulting Jons with past employers. One of our clients recently spent several days in Edmonton teaching a course. He told me they looked after his expenses and he also got paid. He enjoyed the opportunity, made a little extra cash, and it did not take away from his retirement.

Another friend and client, Alvin, installs blinds for one of the specialty shops in Calgary. A couple of times per week he will get some orders to do and then he picks up the supplies and drives to the customer's home to complete the installs. He enjoys it and his wife loves the break as well:)

There's an App for that. Did you know that you can download several apps to your phone and do all kinds of simple short-term jobs? Uber. Uber eats. Skip the dishes. There's also rover. This is where people hire you to stay at their home and pet sit or house sit while they are away. We have a relative who does this most nights of the week and he does temp jobs in the daytime.

Seasonal jobs. What could be better than working for 6 months during the summer and off for 6 months in the winter? Well, that is pretty easy, as there are thousands of employers looking to ramp up for the summer months.

Our clients, Curt & Kevin, who run
Beyond Foam Group of Companies will be ramping up soon and are always looking for extra helpers throughout their busy season. They do spray foam insulation, roofing, fireproofing, and concrete lifting - all with spray foam.

Landscaping, garden nurseries, golf courses, school bus drivers, tour guides. Almost every single day you could go on Kijiji and find someone looking for a helper.

Jobs with perks. Movie theatres are almost always looking for PT help. You can get paid, eat popcorn and get free movies. The saddle dome hires people to usher or serve in the food court. You can attend events and get paid as well. Restaurants are always hiring and you probably get free meals or significant discounts. All of the snow removal companies have a list of people they call to shovel snow and clean sidewalks after a storm. These are temporary gigs that may last for a couple of days. Get some exercise and get paid - what a combo.

It's been my observation that the retired clients we know who are doing some kind of part-time gig are the happiest. They have found something that they enjoy, but it doesn't consume them or their time. I think it's good because we are all wired in a way that making a contribution increases our self-worth. All work is noble, as long as it is legal.

There are 3 things that make for a happy retirement.

1. Something to do.  

2. Someone to do it with, and,

3. Not having to worry about money.

If anyone of one of those 3 is missing from your life, then get some help.

Another resource I should mention is Indeed. This is where many jobs are listed these days. In fact, you can set up your profile, upload your resume, and employers will find you.

Our business is all about working with clients 55+ who are preparing to retire soon and want the most tax-efficient decumulation plan so that they can retire confidently and enjoy the fruits of their life's savings without sharing any more with the taxman than necessary. 

Learn more about our services and book an appointment.


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