12 Keys To a Happy & Secure Retirement

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• Start planning early. Time is your best friend.

• Clearly define your retirement vision, values, priorities and trade-offs.

• Get expert help with financial planning. Use conservative assumptions and run sensitivity analysis. Update this bi-annually at a minimum. 

• Don’t forget to factor in increased spending on health care. There's a huge difference bewtween public and private long term care facilities.

• Review the asset mix of your invested capital. In order to draw consistent income from your portfolio you cannot afford to ride market volitility.

• Change as needed to meet objectives identified in your financial plan.

• Consider the tax implications of your plan.

• Develop a formal, written investment plan.

• Employ traditional and alternative assets for your portfolio. There are 10 asset classes to consider.

• Hire professional investment management if you can’t be confident of your or your advisor’s ability to deliver steady portfolio returns to meet your plan.

• Measure performance and tracking against your plan.

• Have fun and enjoy the time and money!

Want to retire in the next few years? Find out why a Retirement Income Plan is necessary.

Your Retirement Income Specialists,

Willis & Nancy Langford

Helping Canadians Maximize their retirement income

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I attended a session hosted by Willis and Nancy last night. Cost me nothing but an hour of my time. Was well worth it. Willis is one smart guy, so if you are even considering an info session, go hear his message .... I'd be surprised if you don't come away with something you didn't know about retirement planning.

Glenn Saunders
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