Budgeting: Why It Sucks and An Alternative Idea

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For most of us, Budgeting is right up there with Root Canals and Colonoscopies. Most of us would prefer the latter.

Budgeting focuses on what you cannnot have rather than what you can have. It gives money all of the control over you rather than you controling the money and how it is spent.

Budgeting is about what "You Can't Afford" rather than what you choose to afford.

Budgeting requires tediously entering data everyday for every little purchase. Unless you are an accountant - that is torturous. Being on a budget is like living on a diet of spinach and brussel sprouts.

Budgeting is good for projects with a definite beginning and ending like a vacation or a renovation.

Cash flow planning, on the other hand, focuses on what your goals are and how to manage your debt, spending and income in such a strategic way as to help you achieve your goals sooner and in a more happy manner.

While budgeting is taking what you have and dividing it up, cash flow planning is about the process and the way in which you divide it up. The average person in Canada that goes through the Cash Flow Planning process finds an additional $2500/month to work with and literally saves THOUSANDS of dollars in interest costs over a 10 year period.

Cash Flow Planning is NOT about what you can't have, it's about what you can have!

Let's Improve Your Cash Flow! We can help you create a Cash Flow Plan to find the money you need to fund the LIFESTYLE you want TODAY and FOREVERWhat's Next?


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