What If You Were Forced To Retire?

Retirement Transition, Calgary

Most of us, if we are honest, dream about the day we can retire and take it easy. Especially after a bad day at work. We fantasize about just walking away and not having to go back.

But, what if you had to retire sooner than planned due to health issues, job loss, caring for a loved one or worse, because you just can't find a job?

Do you have the available cash flow to allow you to retire now or to at least work a reduced work week without too much impact on your present or future lifestyle?

If you are not in a position to retire now and you keep doing what you are currently doing will you be in a better position to retire in 5, 10, or 20 years from now?

We are all eternal optimist and believe our finances will be in better shape next year but when next year all too quickly arrives we again tell ourselves that we'll be in better shape "next year". That's why we put off saving and investing until a later date; we always believe that we will have more money then, than we have now. That's the same logic we all use when we opt in for the "don't pay for 12 months" scam at the furniture store.

If you're like most Canadians, your home is your biggest asset. If there is a lot of equity in your home how do you tap into it for making life more enjoyable today? You still need a place to live, afterall. Downsizing may be a great option for freeing up cash. Government pensions will not start until age 60. 

In retirement the most important considerations are:

1. Having reliable sources of income

2. Receiving income in the most tax-efficient manner

3. Making sure that income is sustainable

4. Health expenses and possible long-term care

5. Caring for adult children or aging parents

If your current job is your only source of income you are putting yourself at risk. We live in a world that is offering us fewer and fewer guarantees. How reliable is the Government, Stock Market, Housing Market and Pensions?

Our philosophy at Langford Financial is to grow wealth, assets and income from more reliable sources. It's similar to investment diversification in that our income needs to be diversified as well and produced from muliple sources. We can't depend totally on the reliability of only one strategy at a time.

If your lifestyle, present or future, depends solely on your job, your home's value, or the stock market - anyone of these can disappear without notice.

Want to retire in the next few years? Find out why a Retirement Income Plan is necessary.

In Your Service,

Willis & Nancy Langford

Everyone Needs and Deserves a Quality Retirement Plan


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Latest Testimonial

Willis and Nancy are amazing. I am near retiring totally and they advised me what to do to help me be financially set. I was late in starting my financial plan but they helped me to see that I was going to be okay. 
They are so knowledgeable about what is going on in the world financially especially for retirement. They have the answers and are interested in you personally. 
Thank you.

Catherine Moon

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