10 Tips For Staying Upbeat in A Downbeat World

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News from the storm cellar...

The easiest thing to do right now is to succumb to the fear and panic that prevails in our world, but it will only lead to despair and hopelessness. Here are some practical strategies for staying positive during these difficult times.

1. Keep your routines. It's easy to leave the News channel on for 16 hours a day, but it's the worst thing you can do. If you fill your mind with negativity from daylight to dark you will be filled with fear, unrest, and irrational behaviour. 

2. Connect with family and friends. It's never been easier to stay connected with the technology we have. Text, call or use FaceBook messenger video chat, FaceTime, or zoom meetings which all allow multiple people to connect with video. 

3. Send greeting cards or letters. The mail is still moving. Send a note to your children, parents, friends, or neighbours to cheer them up. 

4. Order something on Amazon for someone. I did this for my parents a while back and then they spent a day or two trying to figure out who it was from. It was fun.

5. Have a date night. Order in from your favorite restaurant and eat by candlelight and romantic music (try searching "romantic jazz" playlist on YouTube. After, watch the movie called "This Beautiful Fantastic" on
Kanopy, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. A funny, charming, and heartwarming tale. 

6. Take an online course. I completed a course on Income Tax in 2020 and have started another. I love taxes, especially learning strategies so that we can all pay less. Nancy has an online Spanish course and an Interior Decorating course on the go but hasn't had time yet during covid-19 to get to them as we've been busy working full tilt. There are free courses available via your library membership on

7. Friday night beach night escape. This is my wife's favorite. We have leftovers and watch the Beachfront property hunt shows on HGTV. It reminds us of our favourite vacations and gives ideas of beautiful and interesting places to visit.


8. Get into an online TV series. We are now 20 episodes deep into Downton Abby. The next time you talk with us don't be surprised if we have a British accent. We have also been watching Wheel of Fortune and the Canadian Family Feud. I love Gerry Dee.

9. Try some new recipes. Nancy does the Keto lifestyle and she is always making new and exciting Keto friendly meals. We made homemade Keto ice cream last Sunday, along with a Keto pizza. Pinterest is an amazing resource for new recipes and everything else under the sun.

10. Go for a walk around the block. Just keep your distance from other people and enjoy that cool crisp fresh air.

Bonus: Be kind to someone. 

What's our job right now? Stay home. That's it. How hard is that? You don't need 16 hours of news updates to help you do that. All you need to do is go to the
Alberta.ca website or the federal government website for a quick update and then watch 30 minutes of Global at 5 pm. If we are not careful we will have another pandemic when this is over - obesity, depression, hopelessness, despair, divorce, and more death.


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