6 Critical Conversations You Should be Having Before You Retire

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The surveys and statistics are overwhelming. Most Canadians are entering Retirement with no plan. Maybe that's not entirely true. Because no plan is a plan - it's a plan to fail!

The fact of the matter is that most Canadians do not plan to retire. It just happens. You show up for work one day and they tell you that you are being phased out. Here's a package and good luck!

That actually happens far more often than you realize. Apparently, most of Canadians don't even like the word Retirement. It's now the "R" word. So, let's assume you do want to "R" word, what are the critical conversations you should be having?

Clarity around your Values - in Writing

  • What's important to you about money
  • Are you and your spouse on the same page financially
  • Spend it all or keep some as an inheritance

Clarity around your Goals - in Writing

  • What's on your bucket list 
  • What's your Ideal lifestyle
  • Travel or stay put
  • Start a business, volunteer, vacation property, mission, paint, teach

Simplify Finances - Getting Your Financial House in Order

  • What do you actually need to keep
  • Where are all your documents
  • How do you apply for CPP and OAS or other pensions
  • Do you still need life insurance
  • How will you pay for medical expenses

Simplify Finances - With a one page summary

  • Sources of income
  • Sources of debt
  • Insurance
  • Expenses

Understanding Fees -  Costs and Value and impact on your Plan

  • What is your total cost of investing/planning
  • Are you getting value from those fees

Quality Retirement Plan - The value of a properly written plan 

  • How will a Retirement Plan help 
  • How does it save me time and money
  • Is it comprehensive (income, taxes, debt)
  • Does it coordinate with the other professionals You need
  • Will it be shared with the whole family
  • How often will it be updated

There is more to a Quality Retirement Income Plan than you can imagine. There are too many scenarios to cover them all. A quality retirement plan can save you and your loved ones a lot of grief down the road. Planning now can save you on needless fees. Save on family conflicts. Save time.

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I contacted Langford Financial to see if they could help me with specific questions on retirement & estate planning, efficient tax strategies, CPP and OAS benefits, and income drawdown strategies. I was very nervous at first about whether they would be a good fit for my needs, but my concerns were quickly put to rest and Willis and his team made me feel at ease right from the very first meeting.

They are very easy to work with, are very knowledgeable and resourceful, are able to break down complex matters into an easy-to-understand manner, and are always quick to respond to any questions. They reviewed my situation and were able to tailor a plan to fit my specific needs, to my complete satisfaction.

The plan included amongst other things, the best way to utilize efficient income tax strategies. helped me to understand the correct drawdown of assets which would result in larger savings, and provided guidance on insurance products and efficient estate planning.

As a result, I have a much clearer picture of my financial situation now and feel very confident and satisfied with the plan that they have proposed for me, going forward. What I appreciated the most about Willis and his team was that, in addition to their friendly, personable and professional approach, at no time was there ever any pressure to purchase any products.

I am very happy with the service I received from Willis and his team and would recommend Langford Financial to anyone looking for advice on their retirement planning needs. You will not be disappointed!

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Naila Jinnah
Fee-Only Planning Client

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