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Have you ever seen the movie, "All The Money In The World"?

It's the true story of the Getty Oil empire. I'll try not to ruin the movie for you in case you have not seen it yet. But, I'm sure you know where this is going. Mr. Getty was the richest man in the world at the time, however, he dies alone in an empty, cold, castle.

He had alienated every person in his life in pursuit of money. He thought he could replace people with things, but in his final breaths, things brought no comfort and he died a lonely, old, miserable, rich man. 

Be careful that you don't end up with a full bank account, but an empty life.

There are 3 keys to a happy retirement, regardless of how much money you have:

Something do. Someone to do it with and not having to worry about money.

Only one of those items is financial, but it's where most people spend all of their time and energy. Trying to get to their retirement number. 

Visit any casino in Calgary, or anywhere for that matter, it's filled with Seniors who have no purpose and most likely, little money.

We recently attended the funeral service of an old friend of ours. It was one of the most uplifting services I have ever attended. Bill had spent his 20+ retirement years looking after his ailing wife, a taxi driver for his grandchildren, attending church, encouraging people, looking after his neighbour's dogs and shovelling sidewalks. He was full of joy and lived to be almost 87 years old. A retirement well-lived. He had a reason to get up each day.

Be careful that you don't end up with a full bank account, but an empty life!

We were created to live in connection with one another. Visit a McDonald's anywhere in Canada or the USA and what you'll see most mornings is a bunch of old guys drinking coffee, reading Newspapers, gossiping and conversing about politics. All of this is a front for why there really there: because they love each other and they wouldn't miss it for anything. 

These little social gatherings I'm talking about emerge with no planning or coordination by anyone. They emerge because we need each other. We were created as social beings and none of us can successfully survive by ourselves.

The problem in retirement, especially early in retirement, is that our social construct changes from the workplace to the community. If this is not done properly, a person can feel disconnected and displaced in retirement. 

We desperately need someone to share life with!

The number one concern for retired and retiring Canadians is outliving their money. The only solution to not running out of money is having a proper spending plan and more guaranteed income, such as CPP, OAS, work pensions and certain types of annuities. 


Click here to learn more about creating your Retirement Roadmap. It's the best way to get a clear vision of your future, get your financial house in order, and live your life with purpose.

Retirement Income, Investment & Tax Planning for Those 55+,

Willis J Langford BA, MA, CFP

Nancy R Langford CRS


Wealth without purpose = a meaningless life

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If you are nearing retirement, newly retired, or well into that stage of life and need some honest, reliable financial advice and tax planning services, I highly recommend Willis and Nancy Langford at Langford Financial. I have been working with them since the fall of 2020 and am really happy I made the switch.

I needed much better advice than I was getting from my new bank rep as I was actively preparing for retirement. I found Langford Financial online and booked a review meeting. I was happy that I was sent a complete list of all the information that would be needed prior to my initial meeting so I arrived prepared.

From that initial meeting, I decided to have Willis prepare a retirement plan for me. After we reviewed everything he had prepared, I felt much more confident in what was to come financially during retirement and how I could manage it. That's when I decided to transfer my investment portfolio from my bank to Langford Financial so they could manage it with and for me. I felt they really had my best interests at heart.

It was a pleasant surprise that their approach combined both income planning for retirement and tax planning for both the immediate future and well into retirement. This has proven to be very helpful as it has ended up saving me a lot of money (a lot!) by using credits that had been missed by the company I previously used to prepare my taxes.

I really like working with Willis and Nancy. They are very quick to answer any questions I have and can accommodate virtual or in-person meetings based on what is needed. They also produce a regular newsletter that I really enjoy. It has lots of tips in it and some very good in-depth information that helps me make better decisions---or at least ask better questions!

Moving to Langford Financial was a great decision for me. It has lead to better financial planning and decision-making and much greater peace of mind for me at this time of life.
Sharon Stroick
Full Service Client Since 2020

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