Milestone 50/50

Milestone 50/50 Birthday Celebration

Update #4 on Milestone 50/50 - Sept. 27th
Thank you so much to those of you who partnered with us to reach our goal of giving $5000 to Opportunity International Canada. In fact, we will exceed our goal and raised $6000. 

A gift of $25 can change a family’s financial situation by empowering them to start a business, feed their children, and send them to school ending the cycle of poverty forever for them and future generations. We are attracted to this organization because of the specific way that they work in the community, with individuals, to bring about lasting transformation.
Update #3 on Milestone 50/50 - Sept. 20th
We are currently 38% towards reaching our goal of $5000. Woot! Woot!
In 2019 95% of the loan recipients were women. Often in most third world countries, it is the women who stay home to look after children while the men go out to work. Women fail to get an education or receive the opportunities afforded to men. This organization is changing that pattern by empowering more women with the training, skills, and funds to start their own businesses. The result is better nutrition for their families and an opportunity for their children to attend and finish school. This new opportunity is ending the cycle of poverty in many communities around the world.
Update #2 on Milestone 50/50 - Sept. 16th
We are currently more than 10% towards reaching our goal of $5000. Woot! Woot! Hear what we like best about Opportunity International Canada in the video below...
Listen to this Remarkable True Story of What an Entrepreneur Can do When Given the Opportunity...

In 1990, 1.9 Billion were living in poverty worldwide. At the end of 2019, it was down to 650 million - reduced by 66%! They are predicting that the Covid-19 pandemic will set that number back 10 years! Let's not let that happen! It's a model that Opportunity International has been using for 49 years. It works! 

Launch of Milestone 50/50 - Sept. 13th

Partner with us as we celebrate our 50th birthdays by Lifting People out of Poverty. We are matching dollar for dollar your donations as we seek to reach our goal of $5000.


Make a DONATION by clicking here.


What is Opportunity International Canada?

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