Who's Going To Look After You When You When You Get Old?

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The loneliness is killing me. All I do is sit and cry all day long. The words of a 86 year old widow.

According to a 2016 stat, there were 2 women for every 1 man in the over 85 categories. Visit a long-term care facility and see the disproportionate number of women. 

Did you ever think that one day you would be alone? Women live longer than men and at some point, you will be a widow. Who will look after you? Your kids may live in another province or even in another country. You can only depend on the generosity of friends and relatives for so long. What then?

4 Areas of concern:

1. What will happen if you lose your mental capacity?

2. What are your best options for housing that provide comfort, safety, and care?

3. Do you have all of your financial and legal documents in order? Where are they?

4. Have you communicated to your family what they need to know to be supportive in meeting your wishes?


__who will manage paying for your bills?

__what it might be like to leave your home?

__who will look after your pet?

__how to make your home safe and comfortable?

__have you looked at waiting lists for care or accommodations you'd prefer?

__what are the transportation options if you give up driving?

__have you looked into activities and events that you want to participate in, like day programs, museums, book clubs, bridge clubs, church, or other social events?

__how you want an inheritance you leave to your family to be used?

As you age, your health status or that of your spouse can change quickly. So fast, that you do not have time to make life-altering choices about where you'll live, who's going to help you and take you to appointments. This is why it is so important to talk about these events and plan in advance.

Choose a capable, competent, reliable, and trusted advisor that specializes in working with older clients.

If you don't currently have one, then I would recommend our Planning Service and see if we are a good fit for you. Our mission is to help our clients get and keep their financial house in order so that they can retire confidently with purpose and peace of mind; always ensuring you do not overspend and become a burden on others or underspend and become the wealthiest person in the graveyard. We organize all of your financial, legal, and relevant documents into a binder and keep them up to date as you age. 

Mistakes to Avoid:

  • The death of your husband will mean a dramatic decrease in your monthly cash flow.  CPP has a maximum of 60% survivor benefit. OAS has no survivor benefit. The minimum survivor benefit from work pensions is 60%, but in some cases, it may be zero.
  • Being forced to downsize because not enough money to maintain your home and pay all of the bills.
  • Remarrying because you can't afford to live alone. He becomes a meal ticket - not the love of your life. 

This means:

  • managing your portfolio with the proper risk-adjusted investments,
  • navigating government benefits, and ensuring you receive the benefits for which you are entitled,
  • keeping all of your tax filings current,
  • planning for health and long-term care needs,
  • ensuring your family dynamics are not negatively impacted by poor choices, and
  • keeping legal matters up to date, like your will and powers of attorney.

Click Here to learn more about our process for creating your financial roadmap for retirement, getting your total financial house in order, and living your ideal lifestyle.

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Willis J Langford BA, MA, CFP

Nancy R Langford CRS


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