What Is Your Next Financial Move?

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Failure to plan is a plan to fail

What’s Your Next Financial Move?


Most of us are very “optimistic” when it comes to our financial future. We truly believe that we will be better off 3 months, 6 months, 1 year down the road than we are today. We definitely believe that our “retirement years” will be OK because that is so far down the road, and well, by that time we will have the house paid for and the kids will be on their own and we will have saved lots of money. 


Consider how often people take the “don’t pay until next year” offer from various retailers. We convince ourselves that by that time we will get a raise, have a better job, or have other money freed up to use for the purchase. Most retailers know that will not be the case and know that in one year from now you will be on their finance plan paying enormous rates. By the time that couch is paid for you could have furnished the whole room.


Because we are eternal financial optimists we can tend to look too far down the road when it comes to retirement preparation. The problem with becoming too future goal oriented is that we neglect the boring, day to day required steps necessary to achieve the goal.


If the goal is to pay off the couch 1 year from now and take advantage of the “don’t pay for one year” deal, then we need to start making the 12 equal payments into a savings/investing vehicle now so that in one year’s time we can pay off the couch and enjoy some return on the money we would of otherwise spent on the couch.


The same is true for retirement preparation or any goal for that matter. The devil is in the details and the details is the strategy, plan, or steps you have to take to get where you want to be.


"Failure to plan your steps will lead you further away from your goal."


Regardless of your current financial situation you still need a plan even if you do not have very much money - you can always add more money to it as you work to improve your situation. At least you will be heading in the right direction.


What’s your next move?



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Willis & Nancy have worked with us at least twice a year to make sure we are set up for success. They have been able to provide us with a visual picture of where we currently stand financially in order to determine if we are ready to retire or need a few more years. It has alleviated the stress we were feeling about retiring and having no idea of what that would look like.

For the first time, we feel confident that when we make that final decision we will be able to continue on and be financially and mentally prepared.

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