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Calgary Financial Advisor
  • Apr 13, 2016
  • Willis Langford

What Is Your Next Financial Move?

What’s Your Next Financial Move?   Most of us are very “optimistic” when it comes to our financial future. We truly believe that we will be better off 3 months, 6 months, 1 year down the road than we are today. We definitely believe. . .

Calgary Financial Advisor
  • Mar 28, 2016
  • Willis Langford

What Financial Habits are You Teaching Your Children?

Whether you like it or not most of what you teach your children is caught more than taught. Your actions are what they   more than your words. Do you want your kids to have the same financial habits you currently have? Here's a few ideas on. . .

Flat-Fee Retirement Income Planning, Calgary
  • Mar 11, 2016
  • Willis Langford

7 Smart Ideas for Saving Money During an Economic Downturn

Tough times will not last forever - tough people will!   During the last downturn, which doesn't seem that long ago, there was a TV Ad by Toyota that said if, “If you can persevere when times are tough, you’ll be unstoppable when. . .

Calgary Financial Advisor
  • Feb 16, 2016
  • Willis Langford

Have You Ever Committed Financial Infidelity?

What is Financial Infidelity? This is a common occurance when couples have shared finances and one spouse hides purchases from the other. It happens more frequently than you may realize.   Why does it happen? Usually because there is a. . .

Retirement Transition, Calgary
  • Feb 03, 2016
  • Willis Langford

Should You Invest In Your RRSP or Your TFSA?

Should you be putting more money into your RRSP or should you contribute to your TFSA (which by-the-way has no deadline)?   Here's a couple of ideas to consider:   1. ) If you have made a significant amount of employment income in. . .

Retirement Income Planning, Calgary
  • Nov 25, 2015
  • Willis Langford

3 Mistakes To Avoid As You Transition Into Retirement

The grasshopper watches the ant working diligently all summer long, making a home and gathering food for the winter. Thinking the ant a fool, the grasshopper spends his summer days playing in the sun and consuming whatever food comes his way. When. . .

Calgary Financial Consulting
  • Sep 18, 2015
  • Willis Langford

4 Common Retirement Mistakes Younger Couples Make

Many young couples are still clinging to their honeymoon days and not thinking too far into the future. Though many couples appear to have the same goals, sometimes this is not the case.  In the months following marriage, one of the first things a. . .

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Partnering up with Willis & Nancy for our retirement goals has been the best decision we have ever made.

Previous agents or companies only seemed interested in obtaining funds from us with no further support or contact.

Willis & Nancy have worked with us at least twice a year to make sure we are set up for success. They have been able to provide us with a visual picture of where we currently stand financially in order to determine if we are ready to retire or need a few more years. It has alleviated the stress we were feeling about retiring and having no idea of what that would look like.

For the first time, we feel confident that when we make that final decision we will be able to continue on and be financially and mentally prepared.

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